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Masterclass card is used to list available masterclasses or past masterclasses. The card is specific to masterclass only. It spans 3 columns in large screen and 4 columns in medium screen. There are two type of masterclass card: purchased masterclass cards and public masterclass cards.

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Continuous Product D

Continuous Product Discovery: The What and Why

Conventionally, product discovery occurs at the start of building a new product, or as part of big, standalone projects. This is usually a way to **validate** the team’s assumptions and decisions, rather than a way to **discover** where product development ought to start from. Many of us are still **stuck in a project world**. We do research to **kick off** a project, we usability test right before we hand off to engineers, and our primary means for experimenting is a/b testing. [[video:1154]] These methods are better than nothing, but **the best product teams are shifting from a project mindset to a continuous mindset**. Continuous product discovery aims to shift research into a **customer-driven process**, where product design teams work with customers to **co-create** their products. This involves breaking down user research into **small, more frequent activities** that product teams can undertake on a regular basis. In this 1-hour Master Class webinar with **Teresa Torres**, you’ll learn: - The key differences between project-based discovery and continuous discovery - How to give your team a clear benchmark to aspire to - How to define a realistic frequency and scope for research - How to apply the outcomes of your research towards continuous improvements - Examples of how continuous discovery has helped real product teams Continuous discovery is possible across various **industries**, in product teams of all **sizes**, and against many types of **constraints**. You’ll discover how to **craft an approach that works best for your team**—whether you want to start small or go big, you’ll **unlock incredible advantages for your product** when you practice continuous discovery. Even if you cannot attend this webinar live, **register to get access to a recording** that you can watch anytime afterwards! By Teresa Torres, Author and Product Discovery Coach
How To Design Forms

How To Design Forms Like An Expert

In the digital world, forms are everywhere. Whether you’re designing an online shoe store or creating a virtual banking interface, **forms represent the focal point through which your users interact with your product**. Yet, despite their importance and their ubiquity, users rarely like filling forms out. It’s hard to blame them, after all, websites and apps go wrong with form design all too often. Having outstanding user experience across your website will not give you real business results if you ignore the UX of your forms. In other words, the forms you provide will play a critical role in turning a casual browser into a customer. In fact, research indicates that **bad forms are the #2 reason why digital products lose customers**! In this Master Class webinar, you’ll crack the code behind successful and effective form design. You’ll learn: - Why users usually hate forms - Common usability issues with forms - How to make your forms easy to use - How to improve the completion rate of your forms - How to use forms to create user delight - How to handle and prevent errors in forms - How to avoid dark patterns in forms You’ll learn from **Zoltan Kollin’s** 10+ years of experience as a UX designer and educator, and you’ll gain **practical, easy-to-apply strategies** to improve the UX and success of your forms. That’s right—**a successful form is a win-win situation**, because it will help elevate the UX of your product and generate real business results and revenue. By Zoltan Kollin, Design Principal at IBM
Design For Agile: Co

Design For Agile: Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

The Agile approach emerged when conventional product development processes were too slow, rigid and laborious to keep up with business and market needs. Over time, Agile grew wildly popular and **fragmented into many different methodologies**, and as a result, Agile processes **vary widely from company to company**. Moreover, a glut of consulting firms and certification programs have further muddied the waters when it comes to defining—or even describing—what Agile is. [[video:1149]] Maybe **you’re a designer** who wants to learn how to work well in an Agile team. Or maybe **you facilitate an Agile process** and you want to learn how to integrate UX with it effectively. Or, maybe **you work in a tech role** on cross-functional projects, or perhaps, **you’ve had bad experiences** working with teams that called themselves Agile. Whichever the case, you’ll need to know **which Agile-oriented team structures can create the best environments for design**, and how you can integrate design into various Agile variations. In doing so, you’ll also encounter **anti-patterns that can make Agile very difficult**, and how you can avoid them to create a healthier, happier product development process. In this Master Class webinar, **Laura Klein** will show you: - Why companies don’t always reap the expected benefits from their **big Agile transformations** - **Common anti-patterns** in Agile, how to avoid them, and how to correct them - Related methodologies like **Lean Startup, Kanban, Extreme Programming**—and how they can integrate with UX processes - How to **adjust your design and research processes** to fit comfortably with Agile environments - **Practical design techniques** that you can use in most Agile variations - Where **Agile and UX deliverables** differ from each other—and where they don’t Through this Master Class webinar, you’ll understand what Agile is supposed to be, and how to recognize when it isn’t working like it’s supposed to. You’ll connect this knowledge with familiar design and research processes, thus preparing yourself to work comfortably with a wide variety of product development teams and processes. This Master Class webinar is **best suited** for: - **Experienced designers** who want to expand their skillset - Anyone with a background in **tech or product development** - **Product Managers** who wish to improve Agile processes - **Engineers and developers** who want to learn how Agile projects can integrate with UX Even if you cannot attend this webinar live, **register to get access to a recording** that you can watch anytime afterwards! By Laura Klein, Principal - Users Know and Senior Design Educator - IxDF
How To Successfully

How To Successfully Change Your Career To UX Design

If you’re considering becoming a UX designer, congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon a career path that will **fulfill and reward** you. Not only can you make a positive impact on the world through great user experience, you can also set your career on a trajectory to new heights. However, **it can be challenging and confusing to figure out how to start changing your career to UX design**. A simple web search to this effect will return hundreds of millions of results, including countless articles and resources, each one claiming to have the best advice for budding UX designers. As the saying goes, well begun is half done. So if you’re changing your career to UX, it’s important to **choose the most appropriate strategies for your goals**. To help you start strong, we’ve partnered with **Cory Lebson**, author of *[The UX Careers Handbook](https://uxcareershandbook.com/)* and experienced UX consultant. In this Master Class webinar, you’ll learn: - Frameworks for understanding UX skills and jobs - How to choose what kind of UX professional to be—a consultant or in-house designer, generalist or specialist, freelancer or full-time employee - Which fields or job roles do people commonly move to UX from - What kind of jobs to target while making a move - Whether a specific academic field of study or specific UX degree matters - Whether you can reframe what you do now as UX - How to build your knowledge resume, portfolio and experience before you have a UX job - The critical value of storytelling as a UX professional and as a job search framework - How to reframe your online brand and online presence as a UX professional - Where to meet and network with UX professionals - The value of volunteering your time for UX causes Cory has—literally—written the handbook on switching your career to UX. Besides his own extensive experience in the field, **Cory has helped aspiring UX designers to begin their dream careers for years**. With his advice, no matter where you are on your journey in UX design, you can **improve your prospects and set yourself up for success**. Even if you cannot attend the webinar live, **register to get access to a recording** that you can watch at your convenience! By Cory Lebson, Principal and Owner - Lebsontech LLC


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@include('components.cards.masterclass', ['masterclass' => $masterclass])

// Purchased Masterclass
@include('components.cards.masterclass--purchased', ['masterclass' => $masterclass])


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